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Welcome to Organically Yours | Organic Jewelry Cleaner | Safe on Pearls and Opals

Our product was developed over 30 years for pearls and opals. the product has and always will be environmentally sound, 100% organic. The only safe way to clean your jewelry.

 Our national Brilliance Jewelry cleaner, comes in a hourglass bottle, that allows you to clean your jewelry without brushing or vibrating your jewelry, which could cause the weakening of proms and stone loss.

  We also carry a metal polish, which is safe on any metal.It is a very gentle polish that can be applied to any metal (gold, silver, brass, etc)and will not remove any layers of your metals only the tarnish. As always no damage to your  jewelry.

 Another of our products is an Anti-fog product called See Clear. Just 1 drop a week and no more fogging of your eyeglasses, mirrors, windshields, scopes, goggles. This product is used by hunters and divers and any one that wants to see the world clearly without fog.

  Robert (known by everyone as Bob) Hagler developed our product for his mother's pearls, later to discover that it    would clean any stone or metal safely even costume jewelry. at which time he started marketing it throughout the United States. Bob has spent numerous years designing a product that safely cleans your jewelry, and keep its looking like it just came out of a jewelry store.

  You can find our products at trade shows, hair/nail salon or as always call us and we will ge glad to help you.

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