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Our Natural Brilliance Jewelry cleaner, comes in a hourglass bottle, that allows you to clean your jewelry without brushing or vibrating your jewelry, which could cause the weakening of prongs and stone loss. Insert jewelry in hourglass, tighten the lid and turn upside down. Let jewelry soak, then turn right side up. Gold, Silver and all other hard metals can soak overnight to loosen the buildup of hand lotions, body oils, hair spray and etc. Opals, Pearls and fashion jewelry should only soak for five minutes each time. Opals and Pearls need the moisture back in them, but a little at a time. Fashion jewelry is held together with glue and soaking for long periods of time can turn glue loose. You may soak Opals and Pearls every day, but not all day long. Recommended time for Opals, Pearls and Fashion jewelry is five minutes each time. Our jewelry cleaner will transfer to opposite side bubbling through the jewelry, gently removing dirt without the harmful effects of a toothbrush, (which can weaken prongs and loosen stones.) After cleaning, rinse jewelry with clear water, and pat dry. There is no need to shake our hourglass, because vibration can also loosen stones. Even though you may place numerous pieces of jewelry in the hourglass at one time, it is recommended to clean jewelry that is easily scratched, such as Opals and Pearls separately.


4 reviews for Hourglass – Made in USA

  1. Alice

    I have had several of these hourglass jewelry cleaners. They last a long time but eventually they will crack at the opening so the lid will not close tightly. I always replace them. Expensive yes but well worth it. You toss your rings, earrings, pendants in and flip it over. Cleaner does the rest. Then flip it over again and let items drain before removing them to rinse and dry. Would not be without one of these handy gadgets. Very convenient and does a wonderful job. Would also be a great gift.

  2. JAY JONES II (verified owner)

    This product works like champ it get rid of all the dirt even the hidden dirt as well. it has my jewelry shinning and gleaming.

    • Donna Salyer

      Thank you

  3. Zach j Schiller

    I’ve had this product for 3 years and only used 1 refill. The top of the lid broke which causes it to leak. But other than that the solution cleans and shines really well.

  4. Tonja Konet

    I bought the sha bang at a Home & Garden Show & was so amazed at what a beautiful job this does. It really does look like you just walked out of a Jewelry Store with brand new jewelry!!! I have told so many people about this cleaner. I would like to become a distributor for this natural product that does an amazing job with use in it’s own tool! A little goes a long way. I would like to open a little shop that does quick cleans, while you wait. It’s that quick!!! I wiuld like more info on becoming a dustributor….ty Tonja

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